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Presley SPEAKS at the Master Teacher Institute

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The State Department of Education's goal is to:

  • Develop leaders in standards-based education at the district and regional levels;
  • Provide training in data collection and analysis which helps teachers to make data-driven decisions in classroom instruction;
  • Provide training in curriculum alignment and mapping; and Develop strategies to close the achievement gap among subgroups of students.\

ADVENTURES WITH TRAVIS & PRESLEY curriculum was completed in April of 2011 and is currently set to be implemented in almost 100 classrooms across the state of Oklahoma in the 2011 school year!

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For more information on curriculum CLICK HERE

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News Channel 9

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Presley and I gearing up for our interview on News Channel 9!  

*He stole the show, of course!

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About Travis & Presley

Travis and his amazing boxer Presley use their strong friendship to show how respect, friendship and using good manners are empowering benefits to being successful. In addition to their full-featured and interactive classroom curriculum, the duo travels to schools to show the power of friendship, manners and respect first-hand.

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