Oh my goodness! My students live for Travis and Presley days! I begin the year with getting to know each other, home family, and school family and taking care of each other. This has been a great addition. After snack we always have "book time" while taking bathroom breaks and getting drinks. T and P are by far the most "read" books in our classroom this fall. I would love to share how I have incorported all of it into establishing a caring environment. I have used some of my own activities as well as some provided with the series. We are concluding our topic of study on friends, families, and good manners next week with a celebration. This will be a great opportunity to practice what we have been learning about. Travis and Presley will be there as we use the posters to help decorate for the "party" and have the books out for children to share with their families. We will definitely be taking pictures! Thanks for the hard work.

Susan Weaver, Pre-K Teacher

Highland Park Elementary Stillwater, Oklahoma

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