Travis and Presley

Curriculum for Early Childhood Development



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Children's DVD and Story Books

Appealing for all ages, but especially 2-6 year olds, the DVD and Story Books allow your child to embark on an adventure with Travis & Presley. Your child will love watching the engaging video and singing along with the catchy songs, while not even realizing she is learning important life lessons along the way!



“Catching the attention of young children to teach them manners will be so much easier with this video. It is short, entertaining, and will be a great tool for both parents at home and teachers at school. Do some more!”

Ranay Roth,
Principal of Early Childhood

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Be polite

Picture of Be polite
One DVD and matching story book "Be Polite" builds life and social skills while sharing with children the importance of being polite. Presley attends his own birthday party and with the children's help he learns to be polite!


Good Table Manners

Picture of Good Table Manners
One DVD and matching story book "Good Table Manners" builds life skills and character development. In this series Children remind Presley to wash his hands (and paws) and to remember his table manners!


Good Teamwork

Picture of Good Teamwork
One DVD and matching story book "Good Teamwork" builds life skills and character development. In this series, children help Presley learn that being a good sport, working together and having fun is more important than winning!


How To Deal With A Bully

Picture of How To Deal With A Bully
One DVD and Matching Story book "How To Deal With A Bully" helps children to deal with bullies. More importantly, it builds life skills and character development that will help prevent bullying.


Please and Thank You

Picture of Please and Thank You
One DVD and matching story book "Please and Thank You" is the first of the Good Manners Series. This series takes children on an adventure to help Presley find his bone while learning the importance of saying "Please" and "Thank You."


Respecting Others

Picture of Respecting Others
One DVD and matching story book "Respecting Others" is essential to a childs social skill development. In this series the children help Presley wait his turn to speak and to respect other children's belongings.


Share and Take Turns

Picture of Share and Take Turns
One DVD and matching story book Sharing and Taking Turns are important skills for children to learn at an early age. In this series Presley gets to play with his favorite toy and the children help him learn that sharing and taking turns can be fun!