Travis and Presley

Curriculum for Early Childhood Development

The Adventures with Travis and Presley Doghouse Bundle includes

Includes the folowing lesson kits:

  • Please And Thank You
  • How To Deal With A Bully
  • Good Teamwork
  • Good Table Manners
  • Respecting Others
  • Be Polite
  • It's Okay To Be Different
  • Share And Take Turns

    Each Complete Bundle Includes:

  • 8 Teachers guide (Digital)
  • 48 Readers (English/Spanish),
  • 2 Pointers for reading and whiteboard activities
  • 8 Themed poster
  • Adventure DVD with 8 videos
  • CD with 8 read-alongs and 8 theme songs  
  • Access to SMART and Promethean games for all eight topics


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Doghouse Classroom Bundle (SKU# BS9208)

Picture of Doghouse Classroom Bundle (SKU# BS9208)
Developed by educational specialists, this curriculum meets states educational objectives, builds life skills, character development and re-enforces the importance of having good manners in a fun and innovative way!


Additional Classroom Bundle

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Additional Classroom Bundles can only be purchased after an initial Complete Classroom Bundle purchase.


Extra Participant Readers (Consumables)

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Additional participant readers are available for individual sale with bundle purchase.

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