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"Share And Take Turns" (SKU# BS9207)

The "Share and Take Turns" Curriculum Kit builds life skills and character development. In this series Presley gets to play with his favorite toy and the children help him learn that sharing and taking turns can be fun!

The "Share And Take Turns" Curriculum Kit builds life and social skills while making it fun to share and take turns.  This curriculum was designed by educational specialists to follow states educational guidelines and objectives as well as meeting the needs of your classroom or educational facility.  The adventure DVD, CD with read-a-long and theme songs, student readers in English and Spanish and pointers offer children the opportunity to learn and grow as a group or in an individual setting.  This new and innovative way of presenting manners makes learning fun and entertaining.  It is designed to affect a wide range of students (every student that participates) year to year.

Each kit includes:

  • 1 teacher's guide (find a sample on the Resources page)
  • 5 books (English/Spanish version)
  • 1 Adventure DVD (find a sample on the Resources page)
  • 1 Read along CD with theme song
  • 2 Travis and Presley pointers (used with Interactive white boards and read along)
  • 1 Themed Poster
  • 1 Adventures with Travis and Presley sticky notes  


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"Share And Take Turns" Kit

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