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"How To Deal With A Bully" (SKU# BS9201)

"How To Deal With A Bully" Curriculum Kit helps children to deal with bullies. More importantly, it builds life skills and character development that will help prevent bullying.

 "How To Deal With A Bully" takes children on an adventure as they help Presley deal with a bully.  Following states educational guidelines and objectives, this curriculum was designed by educational specialists to meet the needs of any classroom or educational facility.  The adventure DVD, CD with read-a-long and theme songs, student readers in English and Spanish and pointers offer children the opportunity to learn and grow as a group or in an individual setting.  This new and innovative way of presenting manners makes learning fun and entertaining.  It is designed to affect a wide range of students (every student that participates) year to year.

Each kit includes:

  • 1 teacher's guide (find a sample on the Resources page)
  • 5 books (English/Spanish version)
  • 1 Adventure DVD (find a sample on the Resources page)
  • 1 Read along CD with theme song
  • 2 Travis and Presley pointers (used with Interactive white boards and read along)
  • 1 Themed Poster
  • 1 Adventures with Travis and Presley sticky notes  

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"How To Deal With A Bully" Kit

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