Travis and Presley

Curriculum for Early Childhood Development

"Good Teamwork" (SKU# BS9205)

The "Good Teamwork" Curriculum Kit builds life skills and character development. In this series, children help Presley learn that being a good sport, working together and having fun is more important than winning!

Follow Travis and Presley as they learn the importance of good teamwork.  Following states educational guidelines and objectives, children learn life and social skills while helping Presley become a better teammate and learn the importance of working together.  This curriculum was designed by educational specialists to meet the needs of any classroom or educational facility.  The adventure DVD, CD with read-a-long theme songs, student readers in English and Spanish along with the pointers offers children the opportunity to learn and grow as a group or in an individual setting.  This entertaining way of educating captures the children's attention and motivates them to work together.  It is designed to affect a wide range of students (every student that participates) year to year.

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"Good Teamwork" Kit

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