Travis and Presley

Curriculum for Early Childhood Development


Since the beginning, Adventures with Travis & Presley has gotten plenty of great press. But we feel that you won't know the whole story until you hear what the teacher's and school administrators are saying about the Good Manners curriculum and our in-school events.

kids pose with Travis & PresleyLearning good manners can be fun!Girl having fun learning important life skills
About Our Curriculum
“Catching the attention of young children to teach them manners will be so much easier with this video and matching story book. It is a short, entertaining, and will be great tool for both parents at home and teachers at school. Do some more!”
Ranay Roth
Principal of Early Childhood
“The enthusiasm and personality Travis and Presley bring to an important topic makes learning fun! Children always learn a concept better when it is brought into a context that they enjoy.”
Dr. Susan L. Stansberry
Associate Director of Professional Education
Oklahoma State University
“Based on the results of [our] research study the Travis and Presley curriculum is an effective way to teach prekindergarten and kindergarten children character education.”
Dr. Julia T. Atiles & Nikole L. Dominique-Maikell
Travis and Presley Evaluation
Early Childhood Education dept., Oklahoma State University
“The Travis and Presley duo actively instill the value of good manners into an adventure that kids will remember.”
Ann Houston
Oklahoma Career Tech Educator
“We have really loved using the kit. The children absolutely loved the video and the teachers enjoyed the sight words and hand writing activities. I was able to easily add to a lesson to talk about compound words such as doghouse and playground. Great curriculum!!”
Julie Richards
Agra Public Schools
Librarian & Teacher
“Adventures With Travis and Presley and the Good Manners curriculum have become a BIG HIT here at Wilson Elementary in Bartlesville, OK. This is such a fun way to teach our students the basic tenet of good manners as a part of developing positive character.

“In a decade where more and more students are beginning school with little exposure to the social graces of good manners, this curriculum meets a critical educational need with a very practical, engaging approach.”
Karen Salge
Wilson Elementary School Counselor
Bartlesville, Oklahoma
About Our Public Speaking Engagements
“It was an awesome presentation. The kids had a lot of fun and enjoyed it greatly! You really have an ability to instill hope as you speak. Our kids need that!”
Jacqueline H. Radford
FACS Teacher/FCCLA Adviser
“Wow! What an outstanding presentation! Travis and Presley related their experiences with each other to learning and made strong connections to use in the classroom. Our teachers loved them and thought they were very connected to the affective side of teaching. Travis and Presley are well worth the time and the investment in concepts and ideas that will definitely have long term influences on teaching.”
Shelley McDowell
Assistant Superintendent
North Lamar ISD
“The principles taught by Travis and Presley break the mold of ordinary 'in service and professional development meetings'. They are fresh, fun, and specific! The most engaging and endearing "in service" that we've had in years! Loved them!”
Stephen Smallwood
Oklahoma's Teacher of the Year
“The presentation from Travis and Presley captured our hearts and minds. The duo kept us captivated by incorporating multiple learning strategies while being engaging, unique, relevant, and inspirational.”
Fran Stellman
Teacher of The Year Finalist 2011
Stillwater High School
“Boxer Presley and sidekick, Human Travis, have both overcome the odds. Their unique partnership and energy engages the audience from the word ‘go’ through real-life stories and interaction that show the value of taking a chance, a positive attitude, building relationships, self- motivation, determination and setting goals.”
Ann Houston
Communications and Marketing Coordinator
Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education